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Domaine Roblin

Loire Valley - France

Domaine Roblin has been owned by the Roblin family for 4 generations.  Today Matthias Roblin and his brother Emile are the ones to carry on the family tradition.  Matthias produced his first vintage in 2000, winning immediate praise from the likes of Decanter and younger brother Emile has worked with him since 2006.  Their 19 hectares of vineyards near the village of Maimbray are located primarily on the Terres Blanches terroirs of the Sancerre appellation, with the majority of the vines being Sauvignon Blanc plus a small proportion of Pinot Noir.
The growing, harvesting and winemaking methods used are designed to achieve maximum expression of terroir, resulting in fresh, intensely aromatic wines with generous fruit and clean minerality. Respect for the environment is of great importance to the Roblin brothers, who practice organic viticulture to ensure sustainability and produce healthy, pure tasting grapes.  The resulting wines have been praised around the world, winning numerous awards year after year in prestigious competitions.

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