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The Rolland Collection

Bordeaux - France

Dany & Michel Rolland are known as famous, influential oenologists & winemakers. They like to be called oenologist-farmers as next to the flying winemaker activity, they own several estates in France and abroad. The Rolland family being from Pomerol, it is natural that Dany & Michel own three estates right bank.Gradually, Dany & Michel pushed back the frontiers and added to their collection their favourites from abroad: the New World, with a wine range from Argentina and one from South Africa, then Spain and after that, who knows what other wine or personal adventures lie ahead.Everything is organised and harmonised within the family, from vinification to sales, from the vine to the wine.Respect, sensitivity, culture, open-mindedness and passion are all family traits.Welcome to their world of wine which is also a round the world trip, with stories and discoveries.The Rolland Collection has been created to distribute those wines worldwide.

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