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Langhe - Piedmont - Italy

Cantina del Pino is a small estate of seven hectares (17.3 acres) located in the Ovello area of the town of Barbaresco. The name Cantina del Pino is a tribute to the 130-years-old pine tree that stands next to the winery, planted by the illustrious Domizio Cavazza, previous owner of the estate.  The estate is owned by the Vacca family since four generations. 

The family vineyards are concentrated around the Ovello hill, a site known for its combination of cooler microclimate and poor soils (limestone with sandy veins and a high calcium content) which give structured, age-worthy Barbarescos. Cantina del Pino’s vineyards are family managed utilizing no chemical fertilization, pesticides nor herbicides, with hands on management and production control.  

Renato Vacca and his father Adriano operate the winery together. Adriano was one of the founding members of the cooperative Produttori del Barbaresco and for many years the family sold its grapes to the cooperative. In 1997, after completing winemaking school and five years of working experience at the cooperative, Renato and Adriano decided to leave the cooperative and strike out on their own.

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