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Lessona, Piedmont, Italy

Proprietà Sperino is the realization of a dream: Paolo De Marchi, though already established at Isole e Olena, has always had the desire to return to the once highly important wine making tradition of Lessona, by restoring the historical family estate together with his son Luca. Situated at the foot of Northern Piedmont pre-alpine hills, the soil of Lessona still contains ancient marine sands making it one of the most acidic in the entire world of wine production (pH 4.5 - 5.5). This allows the roots of the vines to explore deep into the ground and absorb minerals in quantities impossible in other conditions. The climate is dry with generous light, and cool night breezes blowing from the Alps to the north mitigate the hot summer days. This in turn ensures a long growing season, which results in Nebbiolo wines with fine flavours, mature tannins and long mineral and savoury finishing. Our vineyards have never seen herbicides or chemical fertilizers and are managed with sustainable techinques. The estate also has its own worm cast humus production facility. The wines are made in full respect of local tradition.

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