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Abruzzo - Italy

Medoro is a small village near atri, located in the beautiful area of teramo hills, traditionally suited to viticulture, overlooking the green adriatic sea. Here, our family has been producing wine since the early seventies, but only in 1997 villa medoro begun its activity, thanks to the impetus and dynamism of federica (third generation), who decided to bet on quality, opening new horizons for household production. The love of an extraordinary land, the exploitation of native vines and respect for tradition: our wines are the sum of these ingredients, genuine and authentic expression of our way of being ... Abruzzo. Villa medoro own 92 hectares of vineyards, treated with the farm’s passion, but always with a careful eye to the most modern techniques of viticulture. The wine comes from traditional vineyards, raised both with pergola or espalier techniques, because we are strongly  convinced that only with the synthesis of the noble regional tradition of wine and modern culture techniques you can capture the best expressions of a “terroir”. 

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