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The house is from centuries on the hill of Pianogrillo, stretched between cypresses and Saracen olive trees, it overlooks the Acate flat, in the an- cient county of Modica and Chiaramonte. The central building was, in the Middle Ages, a sighting tower, afterwards turned, in the eighteenth cen- tury, in a masters dwelling in Ragusa style, with a noble chapel and un- derground wine cellars with vaulted roofs. It rises in panoramic position near the archaeological zone of Akrille, ancient and mysterious Greek settlement, lost in time. Still today in Pianogrillo there are some ancient oil millstones made of lavic stone dated back to the third century A.D. and ancient early Christian necropolis.

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Olio Extravergine di Oliva Cru ‘ Particella 34’ Tonda lblea Olive


Sweet Cherry Tomato Sauce

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