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Toro - Spain

Michel Rolland and Jacques Lurton were tempted by Spain, both agreeing on the potential of the terroir of the Duero valley, and besides, Jacques and François Lurton had already set up a structure there, in Toro. All they needed was to find the grapes to buy. That is how the Rolland-Lurton partnership began… In order to make the Campo Eliseo wine, they selected five Spanish winemakers who work together and whose vines are situated on the driest and latest-ripening sandy-clay terroirs. The vines are all more than 30 years old. The cultivation methods are rigorous: working the soil, pruning, green pruning, leaf-thinning, green harvesting… And the favourable climate allows treatment with Bordeaux mixture and sulphur to be limited. The result is a new dimension given to the Tempranillo (called Tinta de Toro here), linked to the savoir-faire of this quartet of professionals who want to take you to… Elysian Fields (to paradise) !

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