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Toledo - Spain

The Finca (Estate) is located in the province of Toledo in Castilla-La Mancha, about 100km from Madrid. Acquired by González Byass in 2001 after exhaustive research, it was finally selected because of its wide variety of soil types, which derive from the erosion of granitic material from the nearby Sierra de Gredos, and for its continental climate, whereby the lack of rain during the ripening period guarantees the health of the grapes. With Finca Constancia the González family wished to create a single estate property, where wines can be produced from single parcels of land (parcelas). 

The winery’s name is a tribute to the founder of González Byass, Manuel M. González, for whom constancy was life’s key virtue. This is why he named the first winery in Jerez “La Constancia” and Finca Constancia thus reflects the philosophy of our founder, brought into the 21st century.

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