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DO Jerez - Spain

GONZALEZ BYASS is nowadays one of the most famous family of wines in Spain with a long history in the wineaking industry that goes back almost 200 years. And TIO PEPE is our most iconic Brand. Founded in Jerez (South of Spain) in 1835 by Mr Manuel María Gonzalez under one premise: “to achieve the excellence in wines”, and being his “Tio Pepe” -Uncle Joe- one of his best and earliest supporters, our wines, brandies and casks started soon to be exported to the UK. It was then when “Don Manuel” decided to go on partnership with his agent, Mr Robert Blake Byass, when in 1863 the Company changed its name to GONZALEZ BYASS. The Byass family retired from the business in 1988, remaining the Manuel María Gonzalez descendants as owners of our Company, today in its 5th generation.
Nowadays we export our sherries to more than 100 countries, and TIO PEPE is the most recognized sherry wine worldwide.

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